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Library and Lab

The school has a collection of books required for the student of secondary level. It owns well-equipped science laboratory meeting the standard of the secondary level.



computer lab Computer Science

Computer technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of contemporary society. Keeping in view the importance of computer technology to the society in general and to the students, the school has well managed computer lab. It has facilitated the students taking computer as a vocational subject.




The school provides transport facilities plying to different parts of valley. We have the required numbers of vehicles ranging from comfortable vans to large buses


We provide opportunity of enrolling the students from a very young age of two and a half. Before promoting the students to Nursery class, they are given ample opportunity to socialize themselves and be prepared to start the literacy classes when they are of age three.


EPS has boys’ and girls’ hostels under strict observation of responsible and experienced hostel wardens. The hostels offer full boarding as well as day boarding accommodation with a conductive study atmosphere. We have maintained a fairly homely environment at hostels to give a feel of ‘home away from home'.

Audio Visual

The school has access to audio-visual aids for a better understanding of languages and various other cultural, historical and technological activities

TransportStudent Counseling

A team of experienced counselors is formed to give counseling classes to all the students in order to rationalize academic or behavioral problems Moreover, professional psychologists are invited for any psychological problems arising in students.

Teacher-Parents Relation

The output of the students is a by-product of the integral effort of the school students and the parents/guardians. So EPS keeps a deep interest in developing a sound relation between teacher and parents in collecting information and suggestion about the activities of children.

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