Principal Message

PrincipalThe main objective of E.P.S. is to provide all round education for all round development of a child e.g. Physical, mental, moral, social and personality development so as to prepare our students ready to face any crisis in life. This institution aims at developing our students' right attitude of mind , spirit and desire to help in practical way to become tolerant, obedient, independent and fully responsible. In other word, the education of a child depends largely upon his activities. It is not so important for a teacher to make a child learn the things which he ought to know. What he/she should do is to inspire him/her know those things himself/herself through constructive activities and experience.  It helps the child in the development of social spirit along with the inculcation spirit of dutifulness , self reliance, leadership , self control , tolerance and the ability to discharge his/her responsibilities and a tone of discipline is also created in him.

Such a goal of school can be achieved only with the closed cooperation and the mutual understanding between parent and the institution. For this, our humble parents/ guardians are requested to visit frequently to discuss on various aspects of their child’s development.   I should mention that school has left no residue in functioning its  physical and literary activities . Physical side includes Karate, gymnastic, dance and drills, sports like table tennis, cricket, football. Whereas literary side includes debate (English and Nepali), elocution, speech, quiz, spelling, essay contest , poem recitation and handwriting competitions. Filed visit, project work and also science, computer exhibition as well as art and handicraft exhibition are also the major parts of our student’s opportunities to expose their hidden talent and skill.

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