Vice Principal Message

vice principal rajendra sharma`Welcome to.N. K. Singh Memorial EPS School, a pioneer in private academic institution in Nepal is committed to offering a challenging and supportive school program for all of our students from  kindergarten to SLC students, since its establishment in 1967 AD.  

Our continuing goal is to prepare students with the vital knowledge and skills they will need for success, while at the same time encouraging creativity, curiosity, and a life-long appreciation for learning. .The academic program in our school reflects Govt. of Nepal's curricular frameworks as well as adopted modern Asian standards in the school curriculum.  In this regard, we have introduced e learning with interactive classroom, and trend and techniques of modern universal classroom amenities.     
It is EPS doctrine to make all the students to be able to face the mass through different activities which eventually inculcate the ability of leadership and it is true as our Ex students have already achieved their positions in land and abroad. The education standards through specialized instruction by credentialed teachers and the valuable direction of our Founder Madam Principal Pramila Singh have made it possible. It is true that learning is a long way journey towards the unknown but definite future. Students progress through their journey at different paces.

The nationwide final testing SLC (class X) is one of the major measures among many that we use to gauge the progress of our students in their journey. In addition to the final exams, teachers use a variety of other assessment tools in the all the levels, whether  inside the classrooms.  The testing or monitoring tools are applied in all activities including reading level tests, writing portfolios, research projects and presentations, the behavior and so on under SPA (Students Personal Assessments).  Madam founder Principal herself takes keen interest on the activities for students' over all development through  the various personality development programs like inter house and interclass presentations and competitions on various fields. The results from these assessments are used to differentiate the instruction for individual students to ensure we meet them where they are and guide them forward in their learning.

Character education is a high priority at NKSM EPS.School. Responsibility, compassion, self-discipline, honesty, respect, and integrity. Are the main mantra that we emphasize the in EPS :  In addition, our school organizes and celebrates different functions and festival programs to train and prepare the students on the different fields; and their expected behaviors at school and to the society. We have been directed by Madam Founder principal to focus our attention  to make our students a better citizen on demonstrating respect for oneself and others, as well as emphasize attentive listening.
We have been organizing different awareness campaigns such as Eco Club, Scout, Quality circles etc that promotes environmentally responsible practices, sense of belongingness and feeling of security. We look forward for your  support to lead our students further in their journey as learners.  

Rajendra Sharma
Vice Principal

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